At Marguerita Florist we take pride in the both the Quality of our Service and Our Product. 

We give 100% to make sure that you will leave our store with the right product for the right person and occasion.  We provide an enquiry form to help with answers to your questions or call us on 0800 477 345 to speak to a trained florist and gift solution person today.

Our Guarantee

We understand that the quality of your purchase and delivery is an important part of our products and services that we provide.  In return we appreciate that if there is a problem that you contact us by email or phone 03 477 3450.

Substitution & Availability

We will endeavour to provide the closest representation to our products advertised but due to the seasonal nature of our business we may have to substitute some of the fresh flower content.


We cannot cancel any order that has already been made up, even if the order has not been delivered. If the cancellation request is made before make up, we may be able to cancel the order, but cannot guarantee it and a fee will be charged for the admin regarding your refund/ cancellation.


It is not normally our policy to refund the price of the product. However, as every customer and gift are individual, (and therefore may require a decision on a case-by-case basis), please contact us with 24 hours so we can determine the best solution to the problem.